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What Matters

The What Matters podcast looks inward at unique experiences, upward for divine direction and outward to see God’s activity in our world. It’s all about what matters for women seeking more than just a quick glance at life.

Church of the Resurrection

This is a podcast -- and videocast! -- from the Women's Ministry of Church of the Resurrection, and is created in association with the annual Inspired for Life Women's Conference. Learn more about the women's ministry at cor.org/women.

Podcast Episodes

Episode 62: Cheryl Jefferson Bell – Real Deal

The world seems to bring one thing after another, resulting in a heavy weariness. And yet, with a smile and laugh, Cheryl says, “We’ve got Jesus!” and reminds us that “God wins!”

Episode 61: Anne Williams – Being a Good Friend

What if we let "She showed up!" be our call? Sharing the good news of God with people who have not yet walked through the doors of the church looks like being a good friend and letting others know you care. Video episode at Rez Women YouTube.

Episode 60: Wendy Lyons Chrostek – Honesty

When we are honest with ourselves, with God and with others, we find great depth and true connection -- exactly what we are made for! Video episode available on our Rez Women YouTube Channel.

Episode 59: Penny Ellwood – Storytelling

Have you examined your life? In doing so, you see what it has to tell you about God, about yourself and about your future. Video episode available on Rez Women YouTube.

Episode 58: Lauren Baker Thomas – Empowerment

Flex your empowerment muscle! God invites us to be empowered in our daily moments of life and in our our caring relationships with others, leading us to make space to co-create a life of joy. Video episode available on Rez Women YouTube Channel.

Episode 57: Susie Davis – Grace

Susie Davis experiences God in the moments of listening and mentoring young women, in her church community, riding her beloved horse, and even the recent power and water outages of Austin, Texas where she lives. Video episode available on Rez Women YouTube.

Episode 56: Amy Seiffert – Encouragement, Freedom, Reconciliation

Amy Seiffert, author, speaker and teacher, says the pandemic has reduced everything down to what really matters. Now, if her kids allow (and stay out of the locked door), this is going to be a great conversation! Also available by video on Rez Women YouTube.

Episode 55: Jo Saxton – Emerging Landscape

Rising up from the weight and numbness of this pandemic will call upon our own agency to rebuild our life for the emerging landscape ahead. Also available by video on Rez Women YouTube.

Episode 54: Diana Butler Bass – The Jesus Book

Pull up a chair to Dr. Diana Butler Bass' table, and share your first memory of Jesus. It may not match her story (!!), but it does point to what she calls "memoir theology." Also available by video on Rez Women YouTube.

Episode 53: Suzanne Stabile and the Enneagram

Looking at ourself and others through the lens of the Enneagram helps us become aware of our differences and give each other more grace. Also available on our Rez Women YouTube Channel.