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What Matters

The What Matters podcast looks inward at unique experiences, upward for divine direction and outward to see God’s activity in our world. It’s all about what matters for women seeking more than just a quick glance at life.

Church of the Resurrection

This is a podcast -- and videocast! -- from the Women's Ministry of Church of the Resurrection, and is created in association with the annual Inspired for Life Women's Conference. Learn more about the women's ministry at cor.org/women.

Podcast Episodes

Episode 50: Stillness with Barbara Mahany

Barbara Mahany offers the ministry of stillness to bring forth the divine within and all around. Hear her stories and insights to see the sacred in others and in our every day. Also available by video on the Rez Women YouTube Channel.

Episode 49: Hope with Lisa Wilt

Lisa Wilt helps us find h-o-p-e in His Word, other people, putting service first, and earth's creation. Hope is all around! Also available by video on the Rez Women YouTube Channel.

Episode 48: Reading with Susan Campbell

Susan Campbell encourages us to get reading, "This New Year, let’s read the best-selling book of 2020 – actually, of all time – the Bible!" Also available by video on the Rez Women YouTube Channel.

Episode 47: Waiting with Pastor Ashley Morgan Kirk

"Waiting prepares us for the hope to come, while grounding us in the everyday stuff that makes life real." Hear from Pastor Ashley Morgan Kirk, also available by video on the Rez Women YouTube Channel.

Episode 46: Joy with Christyn Koschmann

"There is no shortage of ways that we are commanded and encouraged to experience joy." Join the conversation with Michelle Funk and Christyn Koschmann, also available on Rez Women YouTube Channel.

Episode 45: Transcend

Meet Ginger Rothhaas by VIDEO (link in show notes) to learn the ways that Christian mystics used meditation and contemplation to transcend worry, fear or anxiety and draw closer to God. She offers us helpful tips to incorporate those practices into everyday life.

Episode 44: VIDEO Hope, Part 3

Meet Nan Smith by VIDEO (link in show notes) and experience an uplifting message leading to Hope! Her words offer encouragement as well as practical ways to become hope-filled.

Episode 43: VIDEO-Hope, Part 2

Meet Patricia Sanders-Hall by VIDEO (link in show notes) for tips to build your spiritual muscles in order to successfully cope with life’s challenges.

Episode 42: VIDEO-Hope, Part 1

Meet Susan Brown by VIDEO (link in show notes) for a new perspective to find hope through humor, moments of joy, and a moving experience from her trip to the Holy Land.

Episode 41: VIDEO-Body & Mind, Part 3

Meet Heather Jorgenson by VIDEO (link in show notes), fitness instructor, who highlights how simply focusing on yourself, investing the time in working out and scheduling your morning to begin this way, makes these days of staying home fly by!