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What Matters

The What Matters podcast looks inward at unique experiences, upward for divine direction and outward to see God’s activity in our world. It’s all about what matters for women seeking more than just a quick glance at life.

Church of the Resurrection

This is a podcast -- and videocast! -- from the Women's Ministry of Church of the Resurrection, and is created in association with the annual Inspired for Life Women's Conference. Learn more about the women's ministry at cor.org/women.

Podcast Episodes

Episode 20: Rocking the Boat

We follow the best boat-rocker in Jesus who took on institutions and systems in the name of love and with the goal of protecting those marginalized and hurt by society. We are also called to use our voice when the voiceless are hurting.

Episode 19: Patricia Sanders Hall – Fearless Woman!

Hear from Patricia Sanders Hall, who through discernment decided to retire and then devote herself to full-time ministry due to the Spirit’s movement in her life.

Episode 18: Despair

Despair is described as "pure nothingness," or a moment when we’re drained of all rational thought. It calls for escape. Yet, God meets us to lift us out and show the way toward peace.

Episode 17: Perfectionism

Many of us put great pressure on ourselves to be perfect and have great fear of judgment, failure, and disappointing others. Learn some practices for taking the pressure off and resting in God’s declaration that you are enough.  

Episode 16: Not Being Liked

We all desire to be liked and accepted by others. Often, what others think about us controls the way we live. God, however, wants us to shine brightly as our full selves and not worry so much about pleasing others.

Episode 15: Deliece Hofen — Fearless Woman!

Be inspired with this story of hope, as Deliece shares her journey through a fearful diagnosis that included the words, "there is no cure." Her answer to these scary words? Over $3 Million raised for childhood cancer research! 

Episode 14: Change

Change is hard! Yet, there are practices for coping with and making the most of change. You may even end up learning how to embrace change and to see it as an exciting opportunity! 

Episode 13: Aging

Sometimes, it is difficult to cope with the changes that age brings. It helps to recognize the gifts of aging and live like you are dying, appreciating each moment.

Episode 12: Tough Conversations

Conversations are best when they are open, honest and effective. That's tough to achieve, especially when the stakes are high, opinions vary, and emotions run strong. Overcome the fight or flight instinct in order to have an effective outcome to a tough conversation.

Episode 11: Sherry Danner – Fearless Woman!

Sherry is a Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist who previously served as part of Congregational Care at Church of the Resurrection and currently offers online coaching. Learn about co-existing with fear in this conversation with Sherry.