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The first or our “Fearless Woman” interviews, meet Rachel Pheffer! You may know her from the boutique at Inspired for Life Conference, or as the owner of Nuance Style House, offering professional styling of carefully selected handmade and boutique clothing items. Rachel has been in the business of designing home decor and clothing for the past 10 years, and in the last 5 years she ventured into owning an online retail store of her own.

Listen to her story how she took her business from a brick & mortar to an online success by trusting God with her financial fears. Read her full story in her new book, “Live Love.” This book talks about how she went from a homeless, single mother to following her passion by listening to her heart through God’s love. As a single, stay at home mom, she has experienced the fear of financial insecurity. Learn from her about trusting in God’s prompting to move beyond fear in order to create a beautiful life.