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Be inspired with this story of hope, as Deliece shares her journey through a fearful diagnosis that included the words, “there is no cure.” Her answer to these scary words? Over $3 Million raised for childhood cancer research!

Deliece founded Bradens Hope for Childhood Cancer with a mission is to raise awareness and fund research grants to find treatments and cures for childhood cancer. And a vision to together, raise awareness and bring HOPE to children with cancer.

Braden’s Hope for Childhood Cancer is a non-profit 501(c)(3) foundation named for her son, Braden Hofen, a courageous young warrior who fought relapsing neuroblastoma for which there was no known cure. He then battled a form of secondary leukemia caused by the treatments he had to save his life.

Deliece was fighting stage 2 breast cancer at the same time Braden was fighting his relapse. Awareness of and treatment options for her cancer compared to Braden’s were drastically different and this showed the family that a change had to be made for our children just as has been done for breast cancer. Deliece formed a goal to create awareness and increase funding for the research so desperately needed to find cures for childhood cancers. With Braden’s Hope and a lot of help from friends, she is striving for the day that no child or family will ever have to hear the words “no known cure” ever again. Every child battling against cancer deserves a chance to fight and win.

Visit  Bradens Hope for Childhood Cancer to learn more and for details about the upcoming Hope Gala, on September 28, 2019.