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Hear from Patricia Sanders Hall, who through discernment decided to retire and then devote herself to full-time ministry due to the Spirit’s movement in her life. Learn from her journey of feeling unstable in her identity and eventually finding her worth in the Lord. 



  • Be attentive – Be aware of the Holy Spirit’s movement in your life, and do not ignore it.  
  • Stay calm – Don’t go into crisis mode. When you are facing difficult circumstances, calmly recognize them as a challenge and say, “Let me see what I am going to do about this.” 
  • Partner with your body – Partner with your body instead of fighting it. Listen to your body. If your body is saying “stop” or “slow down,” do not ignore it. 
  • Love yourself – Recognize that it is good to care for yourself, and do not feel guilty when making decisions that benefit your health. 
  • Pause – Reflect and give yourself a moment before taking a next step after a big transition.  
  • Lean into your faith – Find your identity first in your faithKnow that according to God, you have great worth for your entire life. No part of your life loses value, and you always have something to give.  
  • Find a good fit – Seek out places where you feel like you fit and belong. Live fully in these places. 
  • Spiritual gifts assessment – Your spiritual gifts are joy-bringing. When trying to identify them, ask, What makes me feel most joyful? Also, listen to what other people say about the gifts that they see in you.  
  • Get rid of negative self-talk – Say out loud, “stop it,” to your negative self-talk. 
  • Don’t look to society – Do not rely on society for your validation and worth.