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Enneagram Instinctive Center: Types 1, 8, 9

Take a quick Enneagram “test” at www.enneagramtest.net.

There is also a very fun song at https://music.amazon.com/user-playlists/52e1a879cb5e497595739eba5b5b85fcsune?ref=dm_sh_jxpmLvVdDdPy79HE38O7gojsC

Learn even more information from the Enneagram Institute at https://www.enneagraminstitute.com/how-the-enneagram-system-works.

Enjoy this conversation with Melissa Kincheloe, Licensed Mental Health Professional, who shares strengths, weaknesses, and more about each Enneagram Type. She states it best, “Our Enneagram is about our growth, where we can begin to do our work to become better versions of ourselves.”

This episode highlights the Instinctive Center of the Enneagram, with Types 1, 8, and 9.

Why learn about the Enneagram? We are hardwired for connection. The more we understand about ourselves, the more we understand about other people, the easier it is to foster deeper and meaningful connections and when there is injury we learn how to repair.