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This is a VIDEO podcast with host Michelle Funk and guest Day Howell, a long time member of Church of the Resurrection. Day works for the Kansas City Kansas School district and volunteers a ton of time to Church. One of her loves and hobbies is quilting. She is part of the quilting group at Resurrection called Stitch’N Tyme Quilters. In this episodes you will hear how Day puts her talents and passion to work to help our community during a time of Covid-19 chaos. You will be inspired to take action and help others while under the Cover-19 stay at home orders. Just because we are called to stay at home does not mean we are called to do nothing.

Welcome to a spin-off What Matters, a video podcast vlog for current times taking a look inward at unique experiences, upward for divine direction, and outward at God’s activity in the world. With the Covid-19 pandemic and shutting down / social distancing being the new normal, we want to create a way to connect with one another around topics affecting us in the NOW. New videos each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

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