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This is a VIDEO podcast with host Michelle Funk and guest Amy Oden, a distinguished speaker, author and teacher around Christian mindfulness.  Whether we find ourselves at a frenetic pace, or at a screeching halt, mindfulness is one of the best practices for managing the racing thoughts that try to overtake us especially in the midst of worry, chaos, and the ever-advancing pressure to “figure it all out”. Mindfulness includes taking a moment to slow down the “mental mixtape”, breathing in and out, and focusing our energy on noticing our surroundings while choosing gratitude for all that’s around us. 

Welcome to a spin-off What Matters, a video podcast vlog for current times taking a look inward at unique experiences, upward for divine direction, and outward at God’s activity in the world. With the Covid-19 pandemic and shutting down / social distancing being the new normal, we want to create a way to connect with one another around topics affecting us in the NOW. New videos each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

Amy Oden’s Website: https://www.amyoden.com
Amy Oden’s book: Right Here, Right Now: The Practice of Christian Mindfulness  
What Matters Podcast: audio episodes
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Show Notes:

  • Highlights the importance of Christian mindfulness, even more so in the NOW. “It’s a particularly important time to stop, really listen and take note of how God is speaking to us”
  • We’re not called as Christians to run and hide, even as we may feel overwhelmed in the middle of this pandemic, wherever the “stay at home” order has placed us
  • Due to society being on social media overload, taking in all the headlines, we’re wired / conditioned to simply react
  • First steps to mindfulness: Cleaning out all the muck and mess, but once the house is cleaned out, it’s important to replenish
  • Breath prayers, notice breath, breathe in, breathe out. historically it’s involved holding a word in our minds and hearts, one on the inhale, one on the exhale
  • Give ourselves a break from our own “mental mixtape”… when that tries to take over, pushing back and letting the “planning / doing” part take a back seat 
  • Can adapt daily, even using specific people we may be thinking about
  • Breath prayer helps us make it simple, try to inhale and exhale with these words: “here | now” or  “calm | down”
  • Notice something small, a kid on a bike, the weather outside around us, light coming in through our windows
  • In the moment of awareness, gratitude starts to take over
  • It truly will start to take over your mind, simply doing it once a day