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In this VIDEO episode, Michelle talks to Pastor Anne Williams, Pastor of Congregational Care at Resurrection Downtown, about how we are entering one of the most important weeks in our Christian faith, Holy Week. This year, due to the “stay at home” mandate, we may be feeling the loss of not being able to attend services we’re used to participating in or traditions with our community that we hold dear. Pastor Anne relates some of the things we’re feeling now (grief, upheaval, fear), to the way the disciples inevitably must have felt as they entered the very first Holy Week. So often, she says, we correlate a feeling of triumph as we start looking at the scriptures, and even observing the traditions, because we know the end of the story.

As we dive into this week, how we might posture ourselves differently living into the new “normal” while slowing down to realize the power of our simple “yes” to follow Jesus, admitting our weakness, need & dependence on Him, even in things such as adapting our observance of tradition to fit the practicality of our current situation, while holding on to the goodness of our God that speaks peace to us and meets us where we are at.

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Show Noes:

  • Real life: finding the new normal in the middle of quarantine, figuring out how to office from home, in around the clutter of life (i.e. piles of laundry, kids in and out of the kitchen)
  • This holy week is different and unlike any other, but the stories are the same
  • Thinking of the disciples, how maybe their experience of holy week is similar to our experience in these times as they’re constantly changing. It seemed as if it might have been triumphant, but it involved a lot of grief.
  • Life structure crumbling before us as everything we held dear starts to change.
  • Relating it to the disciples and as they experienced the first holy week, inevitably the fear that crept in but recognizing that and choosing to still follow him as they’d already said yes to him
  • We have a choice every day, to take in the noise or dial it all back, especially in the shock of the current events
  • How can we adapt traditions that we hold onto during holy week, making them practical while being in quarantine?
  • Reaching out and creating connection with those in the community who live alone and are completely isolated
  • Becoming more and more aware of our frailty in our current cultural dynamic, admitting that we’re weak and that we need help from the Savior that we know has defeated the grave
  • Even though we’re having to find new ways, that the goodness of God dictates that He meets us where we’re at
  • Highlights that even though the church may be “shut down”, it’s not closed, that there is still scriptures being sent out and content going out on FB to pray through and think on.
  • KidsCOR sending out activities for kids and using those resources to create connection with our families around the story of Easter.