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On this VIDEO episode of the What Matters podcast, in our spinoff series looking at life in our new collective “normal” and what all of this looks like, Michelle talks with LindsaBlacksher, the director of Worship Arts (overseeing music, media & tech) at Resurrection West. Lindsey shares that in this time, on top of the “stay at home” order, she’s experienced a lot of big change in the week leading up to it, and that music is a major part of how she stays grounded. Music connects us to God, serving as a reminder of who God is, it brings peace in the middle of chaos and it can calm us and soothe us in the middle of the storms of life, but it can also inspire us to get up and move. In this new normal especially, we can see the timelessness that music possesses, how songs that meant something to us in a different season now come back around to us and can mean something different, but the power of the message doesn’t change. Lindsay also shares with us a song she wrote with her associate worship pastor, titled “Breathe in Your Peace”, that came out of a writing session in which the phrase “give us settled hearts & quiet minds” was something she felt strongly. It’s a beautiful prayer as we continue to live into the mandatory “stay at home” order, and we hope that it blesses you wherever you’re listening to it. 

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Show Notes: 

  • Song sung in podcast – // Breathe in Your Peace // “give us settled hearts & quiet minds 
  • Lindsey Blacksher, Director of Worship Arts at RezWest– she oversees music, media & tech 
  • Michelle highlights the power of music, how it can be calming & healing in this tumultuous time
  • Lindsey mentions how this time has been an adjustment on multiple fronts, getting married, becoming a step mom, having a reception the wk before the “stay at home” order went into effect
  • Music helps us to remember and serves as a reminder of who God is – Music brings peace in the midst of chaos 
  • Can soothe & settle us down, but it can also inspire us to get up and move 
  • Writing and releasing music can be vulnerable, but the power of it is to connect, to help people not feel alone, like someone else gets it 
  • It also possesses an element of timelessness, you can come back to songs that have meant one thing to you, that may find a different, even deeper meaning, because they still hold truth, regardless of circumstance or situation 
  • It connects us cross culturally, it’s a bridge over language and cultural differences 
  • We all enter worship weekly with vastly different things we’re carrying with us, and now in our new normal, even if we’re not physically going to worship or meeting with others, music is something that goes with us