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In this VIDEO episode of the What Matters podcast, Michelle shares a beautiful talk with Shannon Greene, the Confirmation program director at our Leawood campus. Shannon had previously been scheduled for a 4 part series about finding light in Scripture, which never seemed to be more crucial as an anchor for our hearts and minds than it is now. In a lot of ways, due to the grief of the old normal being gone for now, fear and anxiety of what’s to come next, we are in an especially poignant place to contemplate Lent, Holy Week, Good Friday and Easter. Reading through passages in the Gospels and seeing parts of our current situation in the feelings noted by the disciples, who after Jesus was put to death, were hidden away, or “sheltered in place” simply feeling the sorrow and grieving the man they’d followed for 3 years being put to death. It’s okay to name the fear, anxiety and grief we are feeling, it’s a shared piece of our humanity and we all feel it. Even in this Holy Week, when we are feeling more like Good Friday people, reminding ourselves that we truly are people of the Resurrection and that just as Jesus rose from the grave, we will come out of this time of sheltering, fear, and uncertainty. Scriptures referenced are from the CEB: John 19:38-42 Rev 21:1-7, 21-25 Rev 22:16-17, 21-22

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Show Notes:

  • Had originally scheduled a 4 part series with Shannon originally on the audio podcast platform, which seems even more important now due to the new normal.
  • Became a new foster parent the day after the church announced they were closing all in person programming
  • In some ways, this Lent feels most like what we imagine Lent should look like
  • We feel a lot more of the sorrow, pain and fear as we meditate on the day Christ died
  • All of that sorrow weighs more deeply on us as we’re adjusting to staying at home, working from home, adjusting to parenthood
  • John 19:38-42 — reading this passage and contemplating how Jesus and the disciples felt on the first Good Friday
    • The passage highlights that Jesus wasn’t buried by his closest friends
    • He was more than likely buried by two men that were complete strangers, who had to keep it quiet, due to their standing in society
    • The disciples were hidden away, or sheltered in place, grieving and feeling all the sorrow that this man who they’d followed for 3 years had been put to death.
    • It’s ok to sit and name the fear, anxiety and grief about where we currently are, it’s a shared piece of our humanity that we all feel
    • There are things we can do to limit the fear and anxiety, taking a walk around the neighborhood, being outside, moving every day, eating right, connecting with people.
    • Even though we feel like Good Friday people, we truly are Resurrection people, just as Jesus rose from the grave, we will come out of this tine of fear and sheltering.
  • Rev 21:1-7, 21-25 — even though Revelation has some powerful imagery, it truly is written to a people in uncertain time
    • it paints the picture of a day that will come that involves no more sickness, pain, pandemics etc
  • Rev 22:16-17, 21-22