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In this VIDEO episode in our spinoff series of our What Matters podcast, Michelle shares a conversation with Robin McCullough, a bible study teacher and leader in women’s ministry. Robin was feeling the tension of how she might be able to continue teaching bible study during the current “stay at home” mandate we’re all living under. She shares part of a conversation she had with an out of town friend about the possibility of using Zoom to still be able to have their weekly meeting time, and the fear about if it would work and if everyone would be able to get on. Once she decided to take make the leap, the whole group was excited to get to continue meeting. Their first time on zoom was simply getting everyone onto the platform, and into the right meeting! She shares some of the funny stories as they’re all adjusting to how this new normal of meeting and connection.  She also shares how it truly has brought all of them closer. We love this story about how the God we serve truly meets us where we’re at, sheltered in place, creating memories with people we’ve done life with, in ways that may not be what we’re used to, and we hope that it blesses you as much as it blessed us. 

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