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On this VIDEO episode in the spinoff Video series of our What Matters podcast, Michelle shares a conversation with Julie Merchant about creating new kinds of connection in this new normal of social distancing and a “stay at home” mandate. Julie is a Nurse Practitioner at the Women’s Clinic at St. Luke’s on the Plaza. She’s been a part of our Building Better Moms ministry in the past, and she currently participates in her weekly small group, which has taken to meeting via Zoom. She shares how her family has adjusted to the stay at home mandate, having a 20 year old who’s home from college trying to complete the semester and prep for her MCATS, an 18 year old preparing to graduate, and a 16 year old who just received the sweet taste of freedom right before the Shelter in Place. She mentions that in the middle of things at home ramping up in stress while life is coming to a crashing halt, that naming the things that we’ve lost throughout this as a key way to being able to let those things go and move past them. She also highlights that even though we need to be physically distant, we must remain socially connected, to our friends and family, and how she’s finding that through group chats, FaceTime and Zoom calls. We should call it Physically Distant Socially Connected not Social Distancing. We truly have some amazing options and ways to create connection and share moments of sorrow or grief, but also the triumphs and victories in all of these moments we find ourselves in. 

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