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Click to see the VIDEO with Michelle Anspaugh, a mental health therapist who has been in practice for 18 years. She also Co-Coordinator of the Kansas Trauma Recovery Network, which provides free therapy to first responders, and victims of violent crimes. Michelle’s family has been part of Resurrection for over 10 years, starting at RezWest and then moving to help open the newest campus RezOP where she and her husband serve on the Advisory Team. She’s gone to Honduras three times on various mission trips with the church, speaking on many topics related to mental health and she brings that knowledge to the conversation today. As we’ve found ourselves in a myriad of confusing, difficult to process emotions we are adjusting to our new “for now” normal, she digs into the collective grief & trauma we’re all facing and feeling. She gives insight to the why’s & what’s that are behind it all, as well as tools to help regulate and manage those emotions. From immediate grief of not being able to see friends, anticipatory grief of missing graduations or weddings being pushed back, in the trauma of feeling so much uncertainty, there are healthy ways to try to manage these feelings. We first have to ’name it to tame it”, but through things like mindfulness & yoga practice, meditating on “post traumatic growth” in other words, “what good will come out of this?”, and grounding techniques like the “5 4 3 2 1” method, we truly begin to notice how much control we do possess and how this can center us in the middle of all the uncertainty. Michelle also mentions the “Calm” app, the Abide, and The Tapping Solution apps as helpful tools she’s recommended and used personally to help navigate all of the change.  

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Show Notes: Collective Trauma and Grief

 Why: community or collective trauma (i.e. tornados, mass shootings) but they are usually time bound. a tornado or a hurricane starts and ends in a few short moments or days. COVID-19 has no defined end, yet.  

  • What :uncertainty takes a toll on each of us while we’re processing these outcomes and it’s an incredibly stressful environment for our bodies to operate in. Our amygdala is on overdrive, constantly scanning for danger and as it senses a threat, it activates our entire nervous system, heart rate goes up, we start entering elevated anxiety which can turn into full on panic (fight or flight)
  • We’re all experiencing grief around what lives used to be, not being able to see friends. . .There’s also anticipatory grief around high school graduations, family members getting married that won’t be able to be celebrated till later 
  • Ways we see our nervous system telling our body it’s working too hard.She notes feeling tired, but also feeling forgetful. Sometimes it will manifest for some people as being extremely active 
  • Name it to Tame it
  • Yoga & Mindfulness are two great ways to help us center 
  • Post Traumatic growth: what good will come out of this? there will be positives to take away from having to learn to live our lives 
  • ANTS :Automatic Negative Thoughts  
  • Grounding techniques :5 4 3 2 1 things you see, can touch, can hear, can smell, can taste. it distracts because you have to think about the numbers but it also engages all of our senses which helps calm the nerves

Apps and Podcast Mentioned (and Not Mentioned) in the video:

  • Calm
  • Abide
  • The Tapping Solution 
  • Pray As You Go 

Podcast to also listen too:  

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