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On today’s VIDEO episode, Michelle sits down for a conversation with Heather Jorgenson. Heather is a group fitness instructor at Hilltop and she’s been a member of Resurrection since 2006. She first joined a group fitness class at Hilltop and fell in love with the atmosphere. She says that what keeps her coming back, the atmosphere and all the people who have become her “gym family”. She was prepared when the “stay at home” mandate took effect and immediately started hosting her classes online, her students didn’t miss a single class. This plan B that she’d been preparing was such a welcome development to her “gym family”, some of whom have no one at home and their one point of connection outside of home was taking her classes. She shares some helpful tips on how to stay active at home, using things we all have in our homes, to keep ourselves moving around. She also highlights how simply focusing on yourself, investing the time in working out and scheduling your morning out that way, makes the days fly by!

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