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On this episode in our VIDEO spinoff series on the What Matters podcast, we’re moving our focus from our body & mind to focusing on Hope. Michelle sits down with Susan Brown, who’s regularly involved at Resurrection in various bible study and ministry capacities. Her passion is building community and caring for ourselves in a way that brings us closer to God. She shares some hilarious stories of adjusting to her new normal, schooling her 9, 7, & 3 year old at home. Susan is finding gratitude and joy in small things and seeking to enjoy alone time with podcasts, shows, etd. These things have given her hope in the middle of all the uncertainty. This has helped her to maintain an outward focus, realizing that this isn’t only happening to her, and counting her blessings as she hears stories of how much worse it can be. Her family finds ways to bless and encourage others by standing on their driveway and cheering for neighbors out for a run, a simple but impactful way to spread joy. She shares a story from the Holy Land trip in which she was at the Wailing/Western Wall and couldn’t find a place to insert her prayer. After looking down to see a little crevice at the bottom of the Wall, she felt the Lord say, “This is where you need to be. On the ground, serving and loving people.” This is something that has really anchored her even now during this uncertain time.

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