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On this VIDEO episode in our spinoff series on the What Matters podcast, Michelle is joined by Ginger Rothhaas, a longtime member of Church of the Resurrection. Ginger is a spiritual coach, and one of the most sought after bible study teachers for Women’s Ministry at Church of the Resurrection. She helped develop the original audio version of the What Matters Podcast hosting the first season “Fearless” along with Maribeth Hinderer. Ginger has a way of teaching the bible in a way that feeds the mind, body, and soul. She is always willing to partner with Michelle and Women’s Ministry at Church of the Resurrection. Anytime Michelle is looking to forge new ground in the ministry, Ginger is on the top of her call list. Ginger recently developed a class that she just finished teaching in a weekly format, called Transcend. This was the most unique Bible Study she had done, as it was set to beginning right as the Stay at Home order due to COVID-19 was announced in the Kansas City Metro area. Due to circumstances out of everyone’s control, the study took on a new life and Ginger embraced what the Holy Spirit had planned. She shares how the challenge of doing a total 180 in teaching to move from in person to online, connected her with God in a way she had never fully experienced before in her ministry. In this podcast Ginger dives into an overall view of the Transcend Bible Study sharing with us ways that Christian mystics used meditation and contemplation to transcend worry, fear or anxiety and draw closer to God. She offers us helpful, everyday tips to incorporate those practices into everyday life.

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