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You just may be the answer to a Google search about prayer! Sharing the good news of God with people who have not yet walked through the doors of the church looks like being a good friend and letting others know you care. What if we all accepted the charge to be a care provider and began offering expressions of our faith through IRL (in real life) moments? Send a text with a photo of the candle you burn while thinking of or praying for a friend. Show up in person with a simple meal (rotisserie chicken!). Offer to listen to a problem or challenge, without trying to solve it, to be in the moment with someone you know. Being described as, “She showed up!” says you received the call to spread God’s good news!

Anne Williams is a Congregational Care Pastor, serving members of the church in the hard stuff of life, along with a team of volunteers who give wonderful care to others. Anne leads a team of people in caring for others when life gets hard. She is learning that usually the best way to love others well is advising less and listening more. She loves to guide the process of reconstructing faith after it has been torn down and ripped apart. She and her husband, Eric raise two sons, Jude and Reid. Anne writes real, honest devotions about everyday life at www.thebradshawdrafts.com.