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Rev. Cheryl Jefferson Bell, Pastor of Community Justice Ministry, shares the real deal about this very challenging past year. For her, a “pegged-out extrovert,” being at home has caused a 180 degree turn toward being at home as an introvert. The world seems to bring one thing after another, resulting in a heavy weariness. And yet, with a smile and laugh, she says, “We’ve got Jesus!” and reminds us that “God will win!”

Cheryl serves to help our congregation get in touch with justice opportunities in the areas of racial equity, creation care, homelessness and LGBTQ support. Learn more about this ministry at https://www.cor.org/justice.

SevenDays® and the Faith Always Wins Foundation were born out of hate when three lives were tragically taken from us on April 13, 2014. In the aftermath, two families and our community joined hands and hearts to shine a light on the darkness of hate. Learn more at https://givesevendays.org/.