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Moms, it’s time to let go of expecting perfection! Adjusting expectations, and being present over perfect, brings much more joy to everyone. Susan Brown shares that our kids just need our love, and maybe a hint or two about what they can do for us (i.e. Mother’s Day presents, anyone?!). Let go of unrealistic ideals and embrace what’s important, today. And, advocate for yourself — ask for a gift registration to Building Better Moms!

See https://buildingbettermoms.org for all the details about Building Better Moms (BBM); registration opens May 8, Mother’s Day weekend. Groups meet about twice a month from September to May for connection, and for moms to be seen and valued as a mom, woman and friend.

Susan Brown is a member of Church of the Resurrection and along with her husband has three children. She leads the Building Better Mom Ministry in a volunteer capacity and looks forward to the coming year with 17 BBM groups including BBM Online.