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“Never give up!” This particular sermon message encouraged Lynda Shillito to lead the amazing women of United Methodist Women (UMW) through an unprecedented year. From its humble beginning to the present day, UMW finds a way to put faith, hope and love into action…even during a pandemic! What matters to this group of women? Meeting, or “one-anothering” by learning to unmute and share screen on Zoom. Grant giving to provide a ultrasound machine that is saving lives in Malawi, Africa. Overcoming challenges to fill the church Bookmobile for area students to develop reading skills. Planning a “hybrid” Rummage Sale with safety protocol on behalf of the volunteers and shoppers. It’s the truth, these women just do not give up!

Visit www.cor.org/umw to learn about putting faith, hope and love into action.
Vist www.cor.org/rummage for details and to sign up to volunteer!