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Megan Maciel, Director of Communications for KVC Kansas, helps us learn about the Kaw Valley Center (KVC) which provides family strengthening and preventative services, parent training, foster care case management, family reunification services, foster family recruitment and support, adoption, aftercare, outpatient therapy and more. In Kansas, almost 7,000 children are in need of out of home placement; KVC works to keep children connected to their community by supporting local foster families until it is safe for children to return to their birth families. Whether temporary foster care, permanent adoption, or family reunification, it is incredible to see children thrive as part of a family.

KVC (Kaw Valley Center) Website: https://www.kvc.org
Donate to KVC (Kaw Valley Center) here: https://www.kvc.org/donate/
Foster Child Ministry at Church of the Resurrection’s Website: https://cor.org/leawood/localimpact/foster-adopt
Advocate for Foster Children through Church of the Resurrection: https://cor.org/leawood/search?q=foster+a+child#d/serve/32313/cor_l
Foster Child Care at Respite Events at Church of the Resurrection: https://cor.org/leawood/search?q=foster+a+child#d/serve/11853/cor_l
Jackson County CASA Through Church of the Resurrection: https://cor.org/leawood/search?q=foster+a+child#d/serve/29630/cor_l
Building Better Mom’s Leawood Supports Foster Children learn more at their website: https://buildingbettermoms.org/leawood/