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Jen Schultz, Pastoral Resident at Church of the Resurrection and Seminary graduate (at age 53!) from Saint Paul School of Theology, shares that as a kid she always believed in God, but found it really hard to accept that God believed in her. From a small Mississippi town to a Kansas City suburb, she began to measure her worth based on “pass/fail” regarding body image and outward success. In talking with a struggling teen who walked away from her offer of help, saying, “I got this,” Jen realized that was her exact response to God — resulting in constant exhaustion. Asking her family for support, seeing a marriage counselor, finding a therapist who just happened to also be a seminary graduate, and surrounding herself with four spiritually powerful women began a two year transformation. This led her to truly hear the whisper of God and to truly receive the love of God just as she is intentionally made. Now, Jen finds this pure love of God to fill her and then overflow to others, and she can’t help but share a grateful, if not constant smile of joy!

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