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Lauren Baker Thomas helps us understand empowerment as grace and being able to lift each other up to say, “The space you take up is valid, your feelings are real. I value you, I see you. You are of infinite worth, and I know it for a fact!” God invites us to be empowered in our daily moments of life and in our our caring relationships with others, leading us to make space to co-create a life of joy.

Lauren serves as a Pastoral Resident in Congregational Care at Church of the Resurrection, Leawood Campus. She is a 2018 graduate of Duke Divinity School, where she earned her Masters in Divinity. Before becoming a Pastoral Resident at Resurrection, she was a Chaplain Resident at the University of Virginia Medical Center, working in obstetrics, pediatrics, and the neonatal ICU. Lauren is passionate about the relationships and connections that come with providing pastoral care, and she also loves leading worship.