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What Matters

The What Matters podcast looks inward at unique experiences, upward for divine direction and outward to see God’s activity in our world. It’s all about what matters for women seeking more than just a quick glance at life.

Church of the Resurrection

This is a podcast from the Women's Ministry of Church of the Resurrection, and is created in association with the annual Inspired for Life Women's Conference. Learn more about the women's ministry at cor.org/women.

Host Ginger Rothhaas

Ginger is the host of the What Matters podcast. She is a graduate of Saint Paul School of Theology, and she and her husband Rob have a son, a daughter, and a high energy dog. She loves writing, conversations over coffee, and teaching spiritual classes.

Host Maribeth Hinderer

Maribeth is co-host of the podcast and has been the Inspired for Life Conference emcee for the past several years. She and her husband Alan enjoy their empty nest and always look forward to visits with their children. She teaches Pilates locally and Bible study classes each fall at church.

Podcast Episodes

Episode 13: Aging

Sometimes, it is difficult to cope with the changes that age brings. It helps to recognize the gifts of aging and live like you are dying, appreciating each moment.

Episode 12: Tough Conversations

Conversations are best when they are open, honest and effective. That's tough to achieve, especially when the stakes are high, opinions vary, and emotions run strong. Overcome the fight or flight instinct in order to have an effective outcome to a tough conversation.

Episode 11: Sherry Danner – Fearless Woman!

Sherry is a Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist who previously served as part of Congregational Care at Church of the Resurrection and currently offers online coaching. Learn about co-existing with fear in this conversation with Sherry.

Episode 10: Rejection

When you take a chance to step out in any way at all, it is inevitable – you will suffer rejection. Sitting with it and grieving the loss caused by it allows you to learn from it in order to move forward. 

Episode 09: Being Judged

Repeat this to yourself: “Love more. Care less (what people think).” Building a life based on that foundation will prevent the fear of being judged!

Episode 08: Carrie Soper – Fearless Woman

Meet Carrie Soper, an ordinary girl with an extraordinary story. Carrie shares how she faced the very worst thing after she and her husband Kurt learned of his terminal diagnosis; her story makes us believe the worst thing is never the last thing.

Episode 07: Asking for Help

Do you have a constant to do list running in your head? You are not alone. We are created here on earth to love and help each other. Overcoming the fear of asking for help brings joy and friendship to our lives.

Episode 06: Uncertainty

So many things are uncertain in life. Learn about the one thing we can absolutely count on as a certainty, and as a result experience a much more fulfilling life. Overcome the fear of uncertainty with this episode.

Episode 05: Rachel Pheffer – Fearless Woman!

Rachel Pheffer is FEARLESS! As a single mom, she has experienced the fear of financial insecurity. Learn from her about trusting in God's prompting to move beyond fear and instead create a beautiful life. 

Episode 04: Not Being Enough

Have you really accepted God’s unconditional love? Are you deeply programmed that you have to earn everything? In this episode, hosts Maribeth and Ginger challenge the voices that tell us we are not good enough and share practices to help you accept God’s real love.