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What Matters

The What Matters podcast looks inward at unique experiences, upward for divine direction and outward to see God’s activity in our world. It’s all about what matters for women seeking more than just a quick glance at life.

Church of the Resurrection

This is a podcast -- and videocast! -- from the Women's Ministry of Church of the Resurrection, and is created in association with the annual Inspired for Life Women's Conference. Learn more about the women's ministry at cor.org/women.

Podcast Episodes

Episode 35: VIDEO-Finding Light in Scripture

Meet Shannon Greene by VIDEO (link in show notes) to learn that even in this Holy Week, when we are feeling a whole lot like Good Friday people, we truly are people of the Resurrection! Just as Jesus rose from the grave, we will come out of this time of sheltering, fear, and uncertainty.

Episode 34: VIDEO-Music to Heal the Soul

Meet Lindsay Blacksher by VIDEO (link in show notes), director of Worship Arts at Resurrection West, to learn about music as a major part of staying grounded, connecting to God, and bringing peace in the midst of chaos.

Episode 33: VIDEO-Holy Week

Meet Anne Williams by VIDEO (link in show notes) to step into Holy Week with the same assurance of a Savior--even though, like the disciples, we find ourselves facing fear and uncertainty.

Episode 32: VIDEO-Mindfulness

Meet Amy Oden by VIDEO (link in show notes), a distinguished speaker, author and teacher around Christian mindfulness, one of the best practices to manage racing thoughts that try to overtake us especially in the midst of worry and chaos.

Episode 31: VIDEO-Sew Masks

Meet Day Howell by VIDEO (link in show notes) to be inspired to take action and help others while under the Cover-19 stay at home orders. Just because we are called to stay at home does not mean we are called to do nothing.

Episode 30: VIDEO-New School Order

Meet Deliece Hofen by VIDEO (link in show notes) to be encouraged in this "new school order." For parents, teachers and students to know, "It's going to be okay."

Episode 29: Enneagram Mom and Daughter

A conversation with a mother and daughter who have experienced the impact on their family of learning about the Enneagram.

Episode 28: Enneagram Types 5, 6, 7

Learn about the Thinking Center (Types 5, 6, 7) of the Enneagram from Melissa Kincheloe, Licensed Mental Health Professional, along with a reveal from hosts Michelle Funk and Lane Goodin.

Episode 27: Enneagram Types 2,3,4

Learn about the Feeling Center (Types 2, 3, 4) of the Enneagram from Melissa Kincheloe, Licensed Mental Health Professional.

Episode 26: Enneagram Types 1, 8, 9

Learn about the Instinctive Center (Types 1, 8, 9) of the Enneagram from Melissa Kincheloe, Licensed Mental Health Professional.